The generation Van der Wal comes from a family of blacksmiths who started their business in 1936.  
In 1958 Koop van der Wal started to work, as a 17-year-old, in his father’s workshop. 

Willem, Koop’s son, was 19 years old when he joined his father in the company. Because of lack of space, the tractor specialist moved in 2008 from Munnekeburen to Bant.
After being part of the business for 53 years, Koop retired in 2010.

Since then the company is led by Willem. Over the years, the company went through an enormous growth and became one of the leading compagnies in this business. Koop van der Wal has a workshop, a showroom and also a big storage. The whole property is over 20.000 m2, situated near the highway A6.